Cutting After Bulking: How To Move To Cutting After Bulking During Weight Training

Published: 05th April 2011
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Learning how to successfully perform cutting after bulking is going to be one of the key things that you must do to guarantee your success. After spending so much time on your mass building program aimed to help you build up lean muscle tissue, you're going to come off and want to lean down so that you can reveal all your hard work.

It is normal to experience some fat gains during a mass building phase, so by transitioning to cutting after bulking, you'll help take care of any excess fat that's present and help to reveal the brand new you.

Unfortunately though, many people make some big mistakes when moving to cutting after bulking and this causes them to begin to lose lean muscle mass tissue.

Let's take a quick look at what some of those key mistakes are so that you can be sure you make the move from cutting after bulking correctly.

Don't Decrease Calories Too Soon

The very first thing that you must make sure you do when moving to cutting after bulking is to make sure that you don't decrease your calories too soon. Many people will go from an ultra high calorie intake of between 3500 and 4500 down to a very low calorie intake of 2000 calories or less.

This will immediately signal to your body that something is very wrong and it's going to get rid of the tissue that burns the most calories on a daily basis your lean muscle mass.

Instead, transition over slowly, decreasing your calorie intake by about 200-400 every two to four days. This will help you save all that lean muscle mass and keep your metabolism on high.

Go Easy On The Cardio Training

Second, the next major error people make after finishing a mass building program and moving to cutting after bulking is to load up on cardio.

They hit the gym daily and perform a full hour of cardio on an empty stomach even. This in itself is a recipe for disaster.

While some cardio can be beneficial to help you burn extra calories and get even leaner, be very careful about adding too much. This again will have your body dropping lean muscle mass quickly.

If the truth is told, if you use a proper cutting diet then there really should be no need for cardio training as the diet will be doing much of the work for you.

Focus On Maintaining Heavy Lifting

Another must-do when going to cutting after bulking is to make sure you maintain heavy lifting. Do not lighten the load to increase the reps.

Again, this is what many people will do and it significantly costs them in results.

Instead, maintain that heavy weight as this is what tells the body that it must keep that lean muscle mass tissue since it needs it to complete all your workout sessions.

If you want to boost the intensity of the workout to spike the metabolism, rather than moving to very high rep training, think about decreasing the rest periods but keep the normal reps the same. This will create a similar effect and allow you to maintain the heavier weight.

Don't Increase Workout Volume Too Much

Finally, the last tip to remember when moving from cutting after bulking is to make sure your workouts don't start becoming far too high in volume. While it's tempting to add 40 sets per workout to burn calories, avoid this at all costs.

Remember that you'll have an even lower recovery ability when on a fat loss diet so you really should do even less volume than you did on your mass building workout program.

So make sure that you keep all of these important points in mind. If you do then you should have no problem moving to cutting after bulking while keeping your lean muscle mass in tact.

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